Duo, simplicity in video communication

Since 2017, i joined the Google Communication team in Kirkland, to lead the UX work for the Duo, the tool for real time video communication.
Google Maps API examples
Key UIs for Duo
Simplicity is the iceberg tip for the whole design
every single component will be thoughtfully designed, crafted and built. For example, we redesign the PiP from the original circle to the rectangle in summer 2018. If this simple visual change is like an iceberg tip, there is so much invisible part under the water: ideal format to show the human face; create harmonious face to background ratio; the proportion need to fit on most devices with various aspect ratio; handling portrait and landscape switching; , to minimize the cropping and perserve the maximal video signals; define the rules for video cropping to protect user's privacy.
team lead
inspiration and fun!
As design lead, My role also include cultivating creative environment and culture for the team, like host the "design sprint" or "Mocktail" events, we invite not only designers, but also our Engineer and product partners. I also leverage my publich speaking skill to facilitate series of workshops to collaborate on hard problem solving and aligning the team on the future vision.
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