Augemented Reality UX

Since 2017, i have a new role at Google to lead the UX design for AR and immersive computing. To envision the interaction between people, environment and objects.
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User needs
inspired by Maslow's law, user has three layers of needs: Data and Information, Interaction and Connectivity, and creativity and expression. In the past, we wrote letters, today we sending emojis, hanging out on video chat, and tomorrow we will leverage the AR/VR to interact with each other. The formats has advanced with technology, however our need changed very little: Communicating information, interact with other each, and express themselves. These are the core three components, also for AR experience.
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AR is new and old
Argmented reality, mixed reality, these new form factors are actually pretty old.

Let us look at some existing example “old fashioned AR” examples. We overlay information on top of physical object to convey information. We put street sign to regulate the interaction and behaviors between people, vehicle and world. Graffiti, people use the real world as a “canvas” to express them self. in the digital product, the same thing. We overlay information on the real world. We interact with the object. And we can using ourselves as a canvas for self expression. always these three core things: Information- interaction - expression.
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Interaction evolution
We witnessed the evolution of the human machine interaction: from commmand line to GUI, from mouse/keyboard pattern to finger gestures on touch screen, then voice input with natual language, ML aided vision recognition. The I/O become more and more natural, many boundary became more blurred. In the past decades, designers borrrow the metaphors from the real world to create user interface. Finally, in immersive computing, the world itself become the interface. I am so excited about this.
Google Maps API examples
Tools vs Goals
At same time, I have to tell myself, don't be blinded by the technology, they are tools, they are not the goal. remember, the goal is the same: Information- interaction - expression. To help people to see, to play and tell their story.
Right now, i can't share more details about this work.
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