User Interface for TV
Siemens Home Entertainment System

In 2006, i led the design team at Siemens to develop the user interface for Siemens home entertainment system.
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User interaction
Operating the Siemens Home Entertainment services is completely done using menus and other interface elements on the TV screen, which are navigated by the remote control. This limited way of interaction requires paying strong attention to the user friendliness and ease of use when designing the interface.
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Award Winning Design
The Siemens Home Entertainment System offers a wide spectrum of entertainment services to the end users, e.g. receiving TV Programs, Video-On-Demand, Games, Access to the Internet via the TV... The objective of the interface design is to ensure an efficient and consistent 'Interface' between the end user and the available information. Since the content itself can be very diverse, we intentionally kept neutral and simple style for the visual interface design.

A modular grid system was used for the layout of the Siemens Home Entertainment interface. Typography and color concept were optimized with respect to readability on the TV screen. The systematic use of color combinations and contrasts supports clear differentiation between operational and display elements and the multilayer information. The design won IF design award (Germany), in category of User Interface Design.
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