Online branding for Maililian Furniture

Between 2004 to 2006, i worked as freelance design consultant to partner with German furniture startup "Malilian", to provide full-service design for their branding and website.
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Branding Logo
MaLiLian one-off furniture is positioned as “Art for Living” and caters to a global cosmopolitan clientele. Bold, dynamic and modern are the core attributes about the design direction.
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Typography and Layout systems
the typeface "Optima", designed by German Typographer Hermann Zapf, with two different weights, to ensure a optimal legibility for both print and screen.
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Branding Colors
Bold Pink with a few different shade, help the visual hierarchy to be created in communication. A series of the grays, providing a neutral background for the furniture designers expressive creations.
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Internet branding
Objective: The company’s “catalogue” is web-based and needs to visualize the products in a very upscale fashion. In addition, exhibitions and events shall be published. MaLiLian’s expressive design asked for a sophisticated and very reduced graphic design.

the website provides a fully functional communications channel between MaLiLian, professional partners e.g. architects, media and customers. At the same time the site provides the emotional backdrop for the product philosophy. has delivered a strong interest in the furniture pieces resulting in numerous sales.

Playful exploration: One of the key features of the site is the user’s easy and playful navigation in discovering the furniture objects. The site mirrors the quest for interaction posed by MaLiLian objects in real life. The user is able to discover them via different avenues such as the themes defined by surfaces and materials as well as by the shapes and functions of the furniture pieces. At the same time such path of discovery can be changed at any time of the exploration.

the design for the web site won 2005 IF design award, in category communication design (Germany)
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